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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 7, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> make sense of international news at >> and american voters return to morocco, to the white house, and he promises three did to the white house, -- american voters returned barack obama to the white house. >> dino for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> it is more of a hangover than a honeymoon. financial markets fall a day after the election. china gets ready to take a new generation.
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the u.s. voters have spoken, and after a hard-fought campaign, they have reelected barack obama. right now the president and his family have returned to the white house, where they will be residents for the next four years. right now it is about watching the votes come in. mr. obama has won 303 alike toro college of votes. mr. romney had 260. for the popular vote, president obama had 50.1%. nit romney hadn't 48.3%. -- mitt romney had 48.3%. we go to chicago for the obama victory.
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>> this is what the three looks like, a moment of it -- what victory looks like, a moment of triumph. it is not near happiness. it is a dream and the man who embodies it. barack obama savored the moment. he became the first black american to win a second term. he basked in the pride of his wife and daughters. he said alexian's can be small and silly but this was big and important. vice whether i have earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you, and you have made me a better president.
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with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house more determined and inspired than ever. >> victory was delivered by a reagan and now latino vote. -- was delivered by a latino vote. >> i believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea if you are willing to work hard, it does not matter who you are or what you look like or who you love, it does not matter if you are black or white or asian or hispanic or young or old or rich or poor, you can make it here in america if you try. >> he is not the only one who has been reelected. so is the house of
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representatives, and they blocked his every step for the next two years. >> we are not as divided as a politician suggests. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambition, and we remain more than a collection of red states and elucidates. we are and will always be the united -- brin states and -- red states and blue states. we are and will always be the united states of america. >> this is the second moment of history, a moment of joy and relief >> i am so excited. i have been donating. he is a wonderful president. >> a lot of people in america are raised with the values that we need to help each other. i do not see that in the
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republican party. i see that with selfishness. the only thing we can do is reelect barack obama. whacks some hope a second term in the white house may put -- >> some hope agh second term in the white house may put america on the right path. the challenges of the leader of this divided country cannot be obscured. his first election gave him a place in the history books. for his second term he will have to earn it. >> for mitt romney, there was a less jovial atmosphere in his campaign headquarters after it became clear. the republican nominee it urged politicians on both sides to put people before politics. what are the chances?
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>> the polls have said it will be close. they revel in the prospect of republican success. presidential alexians are unforgiving, and the billions spent, the endless hours of campaigning, the late night and hard work came to defeat. after a short delay to check the numbers, mitt romney called the president to succeed, and he bowed out. >> i wish i had been able to lead the country who in a better direction, but the nation shows
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another leader, so we urge you to pray for ham. >> mitt romney has now conceded. he must decide what the future holds for him. the republican party must decide what is in store for them. >> i think the republican party needs to think about demographics. both parties need to think about the british example. republicans need to get a little more in the middle, maybe it is by environmental protection or reaching out to the hispanic community. >> then romney's moderate record put him at odds with fellow republicans. some of the bigger questions for republican center on the growing hispanic neighborhoods. latinos are the largest minority, and they voted
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overwhelmingly for president obama. this restaurant is run by colombian immigrants. a place to shop and sometimes talk politics. what would it take for people to vote for republican candidates? >> the thing is our culture is very entwined with republicans. we are very religious, all of the things that make us republican, and except that they do not want us here. >> for now they must leave their losses. they know tomorrow the battle starts over again. >> despite president obama's victory his celebration may be short-lived. last night voters voted to keep the house of representatives in republican control.
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as you have seen, the divisions between the parties about how to deal with economic problems are fast. -- vast. >> this is a land where nothing changed overnight, a land still stuck in an economic rut. times are tough at the barber shop run by ivan loyd. obama has another chance to get the economy back on track. ?an he do it chairma >> when you see things that are happening on the economic front and the last couple months, that is a good sign. >> if you think obama is on the right track? >> yes. >> how to deal with a country so undivided. the wealth gap is clear. so is the ideological divide. the president has to work with a
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split congress. in the senate they strengthen the narrow majority. in the lower house, republicans still have solid control. spending is where the first battle looms. legally government spending could be cut automatically by six under $20 million. >> we are ready to be led, not as democrats or republicans, but as americans theory of we want you to leave, not as -- but as americans. we want you to lead as president of the united states of america. >> some will not back down. no deal, and the resulting debt crisis will stall economic recovery. >> it is no surprise he called for economic unity.
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trust in the government is at an all-time low. the political camps are digging their heels in like never before. this has to be the biggest challenge for barack obama. >> down the coast, the largest naval station. the commander in chief has more room to move on foreign policy, but the next few years will require tough positions. iran and a possible nuclear strike, the rise of china, climate change. >> if i can start with you, the republican party took quite a beating last night. what did the future look like?
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>> we certainly held on to the house, and the majority is still pretty substantial. >> this is a presidential election the republican party should have won but did not. >> we should have won. the economic circumstances are such we should have been able to win. what it says is the republican party it needs to be less a homogeneous party and more an inclusive party in the future. we have to figure out how to stick to the principles. we want to reach out more broadly than the parties are able to do. >> was this an election not so much about economic policy? it is frankly about demographics of this country. >> i think you have to give him a lot of credit in being able to
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show people while he did not solve the problems, he toiled in the trenches. i got the impression the american citizens thought obama did an earnest, hard-working politician. they do not see him the same, but they are willing to let him work. i give them credit. in the politics there is something the congressman said. whether barack obama because of his unique stature as the first african american president is able to go into the minority parts of the country and get higher percentages, and the republican party could now lay claim to those votes. >> the country has laid clear the fact america is changing.
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it is changing to be a country with more people but are hispanic or african-american, and that is something the republican party is going to have to address. how do they do this? >> we have had waves of immigration over years, and it has always been a diverse country. >> the hispanic population. >> the hispanic population also shares a lot of principles of the republican party. they tend to be hard-working. they tend to be highly religious. they have a lot of characteristics that are clearly republican. we have not done enough outrage. they appear to be pushing away in recent -- and of out of reach. they appear to be pushing away in recent years. >> do you think now that the election is over there is room for democrats and republicans to do the cooperation people say
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they want? >> i do, and i would have to be honest about our rock obama. i think he would have to go five or 10 years about this being the united states of america. he cannot continue to push what is 100 percent agenda and actually have a belief there is going to be bipartisanship. he has to start discussing with republicans and democrats in the same room. sometimes he is going to have to side with republicans. i think that is fine with the american people. they do not care. they cannot get things done. there was too much and now of a democratic agenda trying to shove that into congress. -- too much taking the democratic agenda trying to shove that into converts. >> the republican party is going to have to do something, too. >> i think the administration has learned some bad habits when
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they controlled the house and senate. >> the fact is they need to talk to each other, and i think john boehner opened the conversation today by saying, if we can agree what we need to do is have additional revenue for the government rather than simply stick to the idea we have to raise taxes, but that we need additional revenue we can get tax reform, that gives us a basis we can begin to talk about how we solve some of these problems. i think john reached out to the president today. i hope the president responds in term. >> thank you very much for joining me. outside washington the election is still being felt. still to come, a politically divided neighborhood is coming to terms with its results. a quick look at some other news.
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on multistory shopping mall has collapsed. rescue crews have been on seen all day. about 38 people have been pulled to safety, but at least four people were killed. >> the department store collapse around the time it was due to open for business in the morning. what was once a fifth story building has now collapsed into a pile of rubble. authorities believe 50 people were inside the building when it collapsed. now it was a miracle so many people have been rescued alive. heavy machinery has been used to create ventilation for those who are still trapped. the noise is so great it is difficult to hear their cries for help. the emergency services are appealing for the crowds to move away from the building. the president was on an
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election tours in the north of the country. he has suspended his campaign. he described the situation as a national disaster. >> of least 39 people were reported to have been killed in a powerful earthquake that had its epicenter of the coast of guatemalans. it was felt about a thousand miles away. it was the last one to hit the country since 1976. see regan rebels carried out fresh attacks on government facilities and -- ciena rebels -- syrian rebesl carried out fresh attacks on government facilities. they are clearly continuing as the rebels tried to unseat president assad.
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just a short time ago the greek government has secured enough parliamentary votes to improve -- to approve its austerity reform package. they will receive new spending cuts earlier. police fired water cannons to disperse tens of thousands of protesters. the violence erupted when they tried to storm the parliament building. let's go to china. yesterday we saw democracy in action in all its chaotic, colorful glory. a very different transition of power will take place in china. a change will have a vague impact on the relations with the rest of the world, but we do not know how it is unfolding. it is taking place almost entirely behind closed doors. we have this for my country preparing for change. >> long live the great chinese
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people, and long live the great chinese communist party. 30 or so years ago, the leaders went around. everyone wore identical suits, gray or black. from purely economic terms, the outgoing leadership under hu jintao has done wonders since they came in in 2002, china of the economy has grown six times richer, not bad for 10 years. there has been no equivalent growth. government advisers except they have to find a way of doing that. -- accept they have to find a way of doing that. >> they have to use the smart
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power. they have more access to rail. >> fine, but nothing is being done about it. the outlook is not that great. the population is getting older, yet expectations are higher than ever. older, yet expectations are higher than ever. >> for the next leaders to be looking at china, it will not just be an economic story but also a social story. >> they are getting ready for the party congress. they will have 10 years to sort the problem out. can they manage? maybe, if the communist party can adapt sufficiently.
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he wondered if they would actually make it to a social st. the centenary of the party's founding. that would be in nine years' time. political change in china. let's go back to the u.s. election, and if you live in ohio, it is the first day in months residents can turn on their tv or radio and not be subjected to another political ad. what a relief. after all the excitement, what are they feeling today? five people headed off to work in this quintessential swing state. i wanted to get a sense of wine ohio voted the way they did.
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meet karen, a typical soccer mom living in an affluent suburb. she has got two kids and a good job. >> you always want your views to be heard. i think there needs to be a lot of work. that is my big fear. i have a five and a two-year old. >> of few states away in this divided and neighborhood, the local coffee shop is a round of post election talk. there are concerns about the future. at the fact that i have two small kids who are going to pay for it.
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if you feel the government should be able to have jobs and free market growth system, that is where they are coming from. >> barack obama 1 ohio because the local economy is doing better than america eyes of all, but how to maintain that the economy. -- as of hole, but how to maintain the economy is the question. the question is will the passion prevent people from coming together in washington. how divided will the united states remained dampene? >> that is the challenge for all those people to make america a more governable country. that brings the program to a
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